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Racism, Riots, and Euclid Beach Park

Urban theme parks were often shuttered in part due to racist discrimination. This episode of The Abandoned Carousel talks about a broad overview of recreation riots and urban theme park… Read more »

Carousel #15

This week, we’re going to refocus ourselves from the external chaos. Let’s set aside a space where we can go back in time, one hundred and thirteen years ago, and… Read more »

A Town Called Santa Claus

Today, I offer you season’s greetings. I’m taking you on a winding road through the history of Santa Claus, the history of the towns of Santa Claus, and the history… Read more »

Little Amerricka

This week, I’m talking about the still-operational small family theme park in southern Wisconsin, with connections to dozens of now-defunct amusement parks. It’s time for the story of Little Amerricka…. Read more »

Joyland Park, Part Two

Last week, we covered the first decades at Joyland under the operation of the Ottaway family. This week, we’ll cover the park’s operation under new management, with rises, falls, closures, abandonment, and lots of fires. Abandoned, Joyland became a magnet for urban explorers and vandals, and an example of the changing face of the amusement industry.

Joyland, Part One

Joyland was a family-run amusement park in Wichita, KS, with a long history. This post is the first of two parts diving deep into the history of the park. In this post, I look at the history of the Ottaway family, the steam engine that started it all, and the first few decades of Joyland’s operation.

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As I cover places on “The Abandoned Carousel”, this page will auto-populate and list the places by region. East Abandoned places located in the East. Midwest Abandoned places located in… Read more »