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Dinosaur World, or “John Agar’s Land of Kong”

Once a prime draw for adventurous motorists, dinosaur-themed roadside attractions once ruled the day. Some, like Dinosaur Park in South Dakota, persevered, while others, like today’s focal point, Dinosaur World… Read more »

A Town Called Santa Claus

Today, I offer you season’s greetings. I’m taking you on a winding road through the history of Santa Claus, the history of the towns of Santa Claus, and the history… Read more »

Rose Island Amusement Park

This week, we’re talking about the Rose Island Amusement Park. Almost a century ago, this amusement park was the happening place, where people went to escape the city smog near Louisville. Abandoned for most of the 20th century, Rose Island stands today as a public park with a few abandoned remains left to discover.

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As I cover places on “The Abandoned Carousel”, this page will auto-populate and list the places by region. East Abandoned places located in the East. Midwest Abandoned places located in… Read more »